Air Pollution and biometeorological forecast and Information System (LIFE-APIS/PL)


A meeting of the LIFE-APIS/PL team was held on 25 May 2014 at the Department of Climatology and Atmosphere Protection. The meeting was mainly of an organizational and administrative character. It addressed the issue of RFPs and tenders, setting up the steering committee and project promotion. The most important issues of the meeting was final determination of the localizations for project infarmation boards. The team decided to improve the exchange of data (necessary to acheive the main project goals) between the project coordinating beneficiary – University of Wrocław and associated beneficiary - Voivodeship Inspectorate for Environmental Protection in Wrocław. Of course, the meeting did not run out of substantive issues, that were mainly focused on data necessary for WRF Chem model verification.




The project Air Pollution and biometeorological forecast and Information System (LIFE-APIS/PL)

is financed with means of the European Union under the Financial Instrument LIFE+

and co-financed by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

Dane prezentowane w ramach projektu LIFE-APIS/PL

Parametry jakości powietrza

PM10 - pył zawieszony o średnicy poniżej 10 μm, PM2.5 - pył zawieszony o średnicy poniżej 2,5 μm, O3 - ozon troposferyczny, NO2 - dwutlenek azotu, KOMFORT CIEPLNY - Indeks Obciążeń Cieplnych Człowieka (UTCI)

Aktualne dane o jakości powietrza pochodzą z bazy WIOŚ Wrocław dla stacji Wrocław - Korzeniowskiego; Komfort cieplny liczony jest na podstawie aktualnych danych meteorologicznych pochodzących ze stacji ZKiOA UWr Wrocław - Biskupin